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Le Natural Mall, Temporary Placement Agreement form

Le Natural Mall, Temporary Placement Agreement form

Order No:____________ Order date:______________Candidate:___________________Rate:_____________Start Date:_______________

    Company Name:_____________________________________                 Phone:_____________________________________________

    Address:___________________________________________                  Industry:___________________________________________


    Contact:____________________________________________                 Direct Phone:________________________________________

    Contact Title:_______________________________________                  Email:_______________________________________________

    Placement Details required
    • Urgent
    • Not Urgent

    Position Title:_______________________________________               Start Date:___________________________________________

                                                                                                                          End Date:____________________________________________

    Work Hours:________________________________________

    Reports to:_________________________________________

    Dress Code: Black Dress Pants/ Black Shoes/ Steal toe-boots /slippers
    • Black Dress Pants/Black Dress Shorts
    • Uniform Shirt handed out yes or no
    • Black Shoes/ Steal toe-boots /slippers
    • Black Shirt

    Rate: $_________ Plus GST

    Position Duties

    Required Skills/Software/Maintenance or Labour Experience

    Additional Comments:

    Conditions of Temporary Placement
    • Le Natural Mall will pay all Contractors & Work Safe and you pay only for the hours worked, plus GST.
    • you will be charged a minimum of 4 hours per shift.
    • Any contractors sent to you basis by Le Natural Mall will remain Contractors of Le Natural Mall for the period of one year and you agree by signing this Temporary Placement Agreement not to privately hire them.
    • If you hire a Contractor of ours, You will be charged a Placement Fee according to our Fee Schedule and will be entitled to guarantee period as stated on the same schedule.

    If you agree with the above Temporary Placement Details and Conditions, please sign and date. or submit this form and by doing so you agree to this document. Or Please return this signed document to our office as soon as possible either by email.

    Print Name__________________________________

    __________________________________              ________________________________                _________________________
    Authorized Signature of Manager                     Title                                                                         Date

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