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Le Natural Mall Using reliable new technology to simplify your workflow! 
CamColor Next Generation X1 Series, & more...

Add color quickly, easily and economically to deliver new levels of value, impact and profitability

 ComColor X1 Accessories Video

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Digital Duplicators



  • 60-130ppm
  • 1,000 sheets
  • 300x300dpi

RISO i Quality SystemTM: The RISO EZ220 is equipped with the RISO i Quality System. Two-way communication between RISO i Quality...




  • 60-180ppm
  • 1,000 sheets
  • 600x600dpi

Increase the speed and effectiveness of your printing operations with the RISO RZ1090, the world's fastest digital duplicator. The... 


MZ 1090

  • 60-150ppm
  • 1,000 sheets
  • 600x600dpi

The MZ1090 easily converts any digital document-including digital design files and hard-copy original to high-quality 2-color...



  • 60-130ppm
  • 1,000 sheets
  • 300x600dpi

The EZ590 puts the power of a print shop into one, simple-to-use device. It’s as easy to use as a photocopier, with far more...

Faster, Easier, Effortlessly and more Simplified!


Problem Solving 

The time it takes a teacher to prepare for lesson plan. We have found interactive soft that simplifies a teachers today, with our technology a teacher can have programmed interactive lessons at their fingertips. What use to take a number of hours for a teacher would only take 5-10 min with our product. 

New Technology,

The Best part is it takes less paper cutting down the costs for schools as paper is a big chunk of the school boards budgets! 

Please contact us if you have any questions or leave a comment and we will get back to ASAP. 

Thank you.



Riso Comcolor XI Series


ComColor X1 Accessories

At Le Natural Mall We have Sourced our Resources and Technology to develop a better today!

We are going to take technology and simplify the process. We are connected, we have Printer, Copiers, Shredders, Whiteboards and white board educational software. We services across Canada.

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Le Natural Mall Welcome, DSD as your office technology partner for RISO products.

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