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We are all about Quality and Customer satisfaction and fumn and excitement for the whole family! 


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I aim to please and give good value. to all!    Sharon Chartrand

Families background  by Gabriel Drufovka

I have been trained by the best My Mother Sharon Chartrand a Financial Specialist Contractor in sales and development & my father Drufovka. Tom Plumbing & Gas Inspector Burnaby, Trained by my grandfather Mario Drufovka who has been in the business over 45 years still working at age 80+ is still issued building permits . Also my mothers father was a Contractor for over 60 years.  We have build Homes, Condos, Townhouses, Apartments and High rises!  I work in Commercial Building and currently on towers doing plumbing. My Brother Adam is in College practicing Law! 

Sharon Chartrand 

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National Registration 

 Technical Support Engineer 

recommendationChallenging project - ROMELUS !

Sharon is a very dynamic, pragmatic business leader who is very creative and efficient right from ideation to planning and execution till the project gets done successfully! She possesses excellent people management skills and is a good listener with sound analytical skills, who can easily discern the wheat from the chaff.

She is very articulate, has a down to earth...more

August 14, 2015, Commander Mohan was Sharon's client


Travel Consultant at Holiday Vacation Rental Properties

Sharon has the gift of assessing a business opportunity from a technology aspect as well as from a business perspective, and ensuring the two "gel". Sharon certainly makes a point of understanding the opportunity, and ensuring she is well informed and educated on the opportunity at hand. As a Financial Adviser she has helped many of my friends and colleges. We have been...more
September 9, 2015, Linda was Sharon's client

Le Natural Mall is a Featured Business Listings at The Métis Economic Development Corporation and in the MEDC Business Directory.

Le Natural Mall is apart of the MEDC Business Plan on page 38.


the Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Business Plan Métis Economic Development Corporation Business Plan February 25 2015

Valley Personnel Ltd, Valley Personnel Dispatch has passed us jobs, landscaping, cleaning and others!    2014- 2015

Holiday Vacation Rental Properties

  Beautiful Popular Travel Destinations  Find your home away home.

Travel: Come and stay at Our Holiday Vacation Rental Properties.

Vacation Homes have a lot to offer especially for those who wish to have holidays of longer duration, or wish to travel with the family.  

Cleaning done by LNM Cleaning on the Canadian properties, complimentingOrganic and Natural Living with a flair or ambiance. 

April 16, 2015

Linda Thibault Excellent, I highly recommend LNM Cleaning. Thanks for doing a terrific job.

Rotary Club of South Surrey

Please Read!

BC Hydro response below!

BC Hydro does not want to provide incentives on products that provide current control. 

We have a solution ESP\Surgex at Le Natural Mall

I would like to offer you a chance to take part in my project retro fitting a few schools and Companies to see how much we can save you /cut the cost in your energy usage!

Please contact me back with a yes or maybe find out more info!

Sharon Chartrand

Le Natural Mall

Hello Sharon,

Thank you for your inquiry. The e.Catalog is a listing of energy efficient products that currently qualify for BC Hydro’s prescriptive retrofit programs.

We have reviewed the information that you’ve provided. BC Hydro does not provide incentives on products that provide current control.

Thank you for your interest in Power Smart.



Tanya Perewernycky
Commercial Alliance Account Manager

BC Hydro
Email: alliance@bchydro.com

Moe Gill

City Councillor
Canada Political Organization
  • City Councillor at City of Abbotsford

May 19, 2014

Hi Moe Gill,

Councillor - City of Abbotsford

I enjoyed lunch last week thank you for giving me that time.

I was wondering can you email me back with the established time for Wednesday or Thursday with the City of Abbotsford for my presentation.

I want to thank you kindly, for recommending Le Natural Mall and our product  

Attached are a few references.



https://www.lenaturalmall.com/recommendation (BC Hydro).

June 5,2014

I got # 1 for BC, One of my store reached #1 at Scott’s Company!

Few Highlights:
HD 7141 Abbotsford is up 29% year over year – Great job Sharon

You can reach me at Le Natural Mall


We are Here to serve You! Le Natural Mall

Wendy Grondzil 

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer at School District #38 (Richmond)

March 14, 2014 5:55 PM

Hi again!
I am reading a book right now by Fred Kofman "Conscious Business: Finding Value in Values"

You remind me of what he is talking about, that being fully awake and conscious allows us to see the full potential of the human element all us, and this is what moves us from good to great.

You are that force, and the world needs more people like you.

To you, and yours, Sharon:


Cindy MaKonin

Masters of Educational Leadership.

March 14, 2013

Congratulation, Cindy in being selected in writing the New Curriculum for the BC Government! We are so proud of you! 

Owner Deglan Water Hauling and Sidedump Contracting Inc

Sharon is committed to what she believes in.she is not wishy washy...she is very straight up and knowledgeable..

August 26, 2013, Fred is a Sharon's client 

Fred VanderDeen 
(current company )

Owner Metre At A Time Concrete Inc

Sharon is committed to what she believes in.she is not wishy washy...she is very straight up and knowledgeable..

August 26, 2013, Fred was Sharon's client

Registrar of Trade-marks
Trade-marks Office
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0C9

Language of correspondence: English

Date: February 26, 2016



A formal drawing (LNM (4).tif) of the Trade-mark is attached.

Certified Copy (Certifacate of Incorporation LE NATURAL MALL.pdf) enclosed.
Certified Copy (Certifacate of Incorporation LE NATURAL MALL.pdf) enclosed.

Le Natural Mall

2563 Langdon St


Trade-mark reference: Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. (LNM)

The trade-mark is:


Le Natural Mall (LNM) It's the name of our business www.lenaturalmall.com our logo

Colour Claim:

A drawing is filed in colour but the Applicant is not claiming colour as a feature of the trade-mark.

Disclaimer Text:

The applicant disclaims the right to the exclusive use of the word My Family designed our logo together and came up with our Name it mean Le Natural Mall everything organic and natural, eco friendly energy efficiency our website www.lenaturalmall.com le natural mall. live better shop local incorporated, (LNM) is our abbreviation for our departments LNM Contracting, LNM Design, LNM Cleaning, LNM Travel - Holiday Vacation Rental Properties Inc. ,LNM Organic Land, LNM Equipment apart from the trade-mark.


Class: 1


(1) LNM Cleaning (organic, Natural & eco friendly cleaning), LNM Contracting & LNM Design (using energy efficiency products), & LNM Travel - Holiday Vacation Rental Properties ( requests all Vacation Rental properties disclaim they Use environmentally friendly products while maintaining their properties or are converting to environmentally friendly product.)


Used in Canada

Since at least as early as 2015-06-16 (yyyy-mm-dd).

Entitlement Statement: The applicant is satisfied that she is entitled to use the trade-mark in Canada in association with the goods and/or services described in the application.


The applicant appoints the person (or firm) below to whom any notice in respect of the application or registration may be sent, and upon whom service of any proceedings in respect of the application or registration may be given or served with the same effect as if they had been given to or served upon the applicant or registrant.

Karen (Sharon) Chartrand

2563 Langdon street

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