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Sharon Chartrand

Share holder

Contractor / Project Estimator


Florida Sales Promoter
Le Natural Mall-USA
Gabriel Drufovka 
Plumber, Sales & Telemarketing

Cindy MaKonin

Sales Promoter


Adam Kirk


Personal Trainer & Health Nutritionist  


Commander Mohan N Anand,PMP

Project Manager   


Anne Langlois

Sale Promoter


Shelley Dougan
Administration LNM Office Team On Line

George Russell

Techmation Electric and Controls


Doug Cass

IT Support


LNM Contracting 

Stanley Sinclair (Construction, maintenance, renovations and cleaning.) 



Office Services LNM Office Team is available Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm PST. If you have an urgent request outside of our hours, we will happily accommodate you and make it happen!

Call or e-mail us for our Assistant Services: 

Our support teams and sales team in Canada are fully licensed and have their criminal record checks done before employment with Le Natural Mall.Our out of Country support team. We hire them through other companies with a confidentiality requirement!

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