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Product Partners/ Innovative Companies

We are proud to introduce our product partners.

With their Support and dedication going forward is making Life easy.


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 Sharon Chartrand

President, Le Natural Mall, LNM Travel,

 LNM Cleaning & Insurance and Investments    

Gabriel Drufovka & Adam Kirk

partners, Le Natural Mall


Plumbing Apprentice


 Law student

Locally Owned Bonded, WCB and Insured, Commercial & Residential Cleaning.
Reliable service that you can depend on each and every time you need us.
Special Cleanings Scheduled weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly.

Holiday Vacation Rental Properties .
At Holiday Vacation Rentals, we are focused on providing  Amazing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Linda Thibault & Sharon Chartrand

Here is the consent form I need done by my clients.  It allows Greg Mc Caffrey to run their bureau and share that info with prospective lenders.  I'll need you to sign one for your application once we pre-qualify you.

Sharon Chartrand                         &                                Greg McCaffrey    
Financial Adviser                                                             Mortgage Consultant
Cell: 604 835 7242                                                          HLC Home Loans Canada   
Sharon@lenaturalmall.com                                             Greg@lenaturalmall.com

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Linda Thibault 


Cyril Henri

Owner, Technician


Rocky Krogfoss, President
Quantum Mindset Training―Workplace Culture
Quantum Energy Healer―Life Coach

cell (604) 802-6390
office (604) 510-0721
Chris Temple,  Injury Lawyer
Le Natural Mall. Access invaluable information through training Members Access to presenters, trainers and world’s experts In the areas of Financial Education, Business Development, Vibrant Health. Member-to-Member through or off the website in the form of audios, videos, webinars, seminars, workshops, meetings,dinners, social gatherings & written materials. Members also have the ability to network directly to each other at members. 

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Managing General Agent hereinafter called the  MGA.

Other Agent: the Associate General Agent or General Agent Brokers as defined . The MGA and/or the AGA may recommend the appointment of GAB's for the promotion, sale and servicing of Le Natural Mall.

Advertising: All marketing or promotional material to be used by GAB and its Representatives which refer to Le Natural Mall, LNM Cleaning, LNM Travel- Holiday Vacation Rental Properties products trademarks or logos,, regardless off media, will be submitted to Le Natural Mall for pre-approval in writing prior to publication or distribution.

Acceptance of Applications: Le Natural Mall will have the full authority to act or not to act on any application for Le Natural Mall products submitted by r though the GAB.  No right of action against Le Natural Mall will arise because of refusal, delay, or postponement by Le Natural Mall for any reason.

Change of Products:  Le Natural Mall will determine the plan character, and form of Le Natural Mall products including discontinuing any products.  Notice of any change will be the same manner and at the same time as Le Natural provides notice to its other  agents.

Referral Forms:  All referral forms will be signed and filled prior to sale is competed of sale and must be submitted with application of sales. The amount of ten percent for referral will be paid on gross earnings one week after contract is cleared. 

Status of GAB:  The GAB will at all times be an independent contractor and nothing contained herein will be construed to create  relationship of employer and employee between Le Natural Mall and the GAB.  The GAB will be free to exercise its own judgement with respect to the conduct of its business within the parameters of generally applicable instructions, rules and requirements from time to time prescribed by Le Natural Mall.

Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. Incorporated

2563 Langdon Street 

Abbotsford, BC V2T-3L3

Onnink's Blueberry Farm

Onnink's begins with the sweet, natural blueberry. Farmed organically, our berries are grown sustainably and with our ecological footprint in mind. Blueberry season usually runs from July to September, though Onnink's blueberries are available flash-frozen all year round.

  • 30151 Downes Road
    Abbotsford, BC V4X 1Z8

  • Phone number(604) 856-1465

We welcome,

Truly Organic Foods

Raw Superfood Store!

We welcome,

Hankettes products are handmade at their co-op acreage on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada (soaps are made in Salmon Arm, BC). Everything offer is eco-friendly, quality Canadian made, fair wage paid, AND good for you & Mother Earth!

We welcome,

Conscious Planet Online store 

Click on the link to visit their site! 

We welcome,

I Ching Systems,


By Mary Miller MSW


Wellness Shoppe


Divine Whispers Healing Center and Retreat

By Juanita Ecker

Professional image: The “Hottest” Anti-Aging Product on the Market

Professional Image Management

 Blog         http://etiquettetipsandquips.com



(803) 520-4687 (Eastern Time)

Plumber, Gabriel Drufovka





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