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LE NATURAL MALL working TOGETHER for our Future, The go-to Company.  Our Focus Goal is Your Well-Being!Property management,Apartment building,Condominium complex, Real Easte, british-columbia/langley-east-surrey/langley.aspx?_vsrefdom=cpc-google/ 

At Le Natural Mall, LNM
At Le Natural Mall, LNM
At Le Natural Mall, LNM
At Le Natural Mall, LNM

LNM Contracting                                   Our Communities.

Our concepts: We Must work together

A few of our product partner watch video!

LNM Contracting & LNM Cleaning were a former independent affiliate Under Le Natural Mall. Now all independent. 

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Do you want the freedom and fulfillment that comes with being a part of something bigger than
your typical 9 to 5 job? Are you ready for an opportunity to help people in your community lead healthier,
more vibrant lives?    We have a complete platform to take you step by step. Ask how  you can make it happen.

The Former Le Natural Mall was a Featured Business Listings at The Métis Economic Development Corporation and in the MEDC Business Directory.

Good Community is what creates a better today!

Welcome Concept and Rapid Transition Goals,

 Le Natural Mall Global Well-Being of civilization which compasses Spirit, Mind, Body & Soul.

We been open since Jan 2010 on many levels. We provide Excellent service connecting resources to the right medium. 

We are always growing, Our Mantra is We connect people and source out resources a technology to develop a better today! 

Let's give your business the support you deserve.  We are about Building Businesses Together we will achieve more!


Sign up and place your business in partnership with Le Natural Mall and lets create a place where consumer can easily find great stores to shop at!


Le Natural Mall. Live better. Shop local. Incorporated


Distinctive term: LE NATURAL MALL


Business activity: Retail Trade – Leisure, General Merchandise Stores, Virtual store, Food, Health, beauty, organic, technology workflow, energy efficient, consumerism, products, sale, shipping and orders made easy & Other!


Today's New World, Global Virtual Shopping makes Life! We are a place where different businesses who have organic or natural products for today's living, healthy living and are using New Technology, Spiritual Technology to Simplify Workflow, come together and rent out virtual space to sale their products in future a physical Le Natural Mall.


  • We Source out Resources and Technology to "Pay it Forward"!
  • Technology Solutions
  • Strong Sales Force, combined sales experience 70+ years, between use.  Let Us do the Approach and Contact for you we a great at closing business!
  • Relationship Development and Competitiveness
  • Professional Marketing Material
  • Corporate Website to Assist in the introduction of products and partners.

Le Natural Mall

Rapid Transition Goals, A place for all Natural Products

1. Organic Land Store;

•Is were small local producers will have their own farmers market on a bigger scale in Le Natural Mall.

•Wholesaler with all certified organic foods.

•Want Certified Organic Processing and Handling in British Columbia

•Organic Standards for Processing Food and Certified Organic Products

•Sector Advantages

• Our goal is to provide 1 hour Child care to the Organic land shoppers when they shop in our store.

2. Food courts

3. Organic restaurants

4. Best Practitioners

5. Financial Advisers

6. Energy efficient Technology to Simplify Workflow

7. Youth stage for the youth to come and perform their local talents on stage in the store between curtain hours.

CLUB Members Goodwill Program.

All Club Members who cancelled their membership, downgraded to associate status, or stopped paying their

dues will have 60 days from the day!

No additional initiation fees will be charged for the reinstatement of membership.

Qualifying Club Members of the Inner Circle will be offered contract renewals, for service beginning in honoring the 2% pool among each of the two groups of Inner Circle members, provided the Foundation is operating in fiscal health. Goodwill is intended to pre pair the foundation and establish credibility of our Le Natural Mall.

Foundation's balance sheet will be held in goodwill and completely quarterly! 

Foundation to continue operating in fiscal health, as it completes the full growth of our Foundation toward Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. Incorporated!


100% Transparency

A Foundation, which will be owned by no one, controlled by a Club Member-elected Board of Trustees Share Holder for the pure benefit of its Club Members, has a duty to offer complete financial transparency. Club Members should be aware of the financial health of the Foundation, its relationships, its transactions, and it's philanthropic contributions.

Minutes and/or recordings of official Board of Trustees meetings should be made available to Club Members on an ongoing basis, as well as quarterly financial reporting and various statistics regarding the health of the club. The purpose of such transparency allows ethical standards of value to permeate our club, and demonstrates a position of integrity towards the Club Members.

In addition, online polling mechanisms will be established to facilitate the actual voice of the Members being heard on important issues.


Our Long range plan is that Le Natural Mall will be in every community all over the world!

Providing cheaper and better all natural produce.

A. to bring quality foods to the local people of each community. Food provided by Local venders

B. Customer analysis quality and prices Discount membership card, to all people; plus a low income extra rewords card that must be renewed yearly.

It’s Le Natural Store is a natural green building. I would like to go into partnership with someone and bring this into reality.

I’m looking for help to positively impact communities.. Let’s launch La Natural Stores all across Canada then the World together.

This is my Project bringing harmony, success, stability and massive passive wealth back into the communities.

Who I am is the possibility of NEW, FUN AND PROSPER.

 This My first target community is 200000 people FAMILIES, CHILDREN AND TEENS.

My community project is La Nature Mall and Organic Land store.

The possibility of my project is fundraising for the green building Le Natural Mall or share in exchange for partnerships towards the business then multiply the process over and over all around the world.

The specific measurable results of a community being impacted are All natural beings being unplugged and Plug In.




Who Inspired me my daughter with word can you please tell me one off your Dreams. Angelina got me to DREAM BIG REAL BIG ...

So Why Le Natural Mall????

Why because we are building sustainability for each community that we enter our model is "Pay it Forward"!

How are we going to get their?  By Advertising become a Free Member, Pay to Advertise as a Product Partner, Become part of our Goal and Let Le Natural Mall distribute for you.

When you Join as  share holder Club Member! As we sale products we put a % away for OUR PHYSICAL MALL?

Let's put Le Natural Mall in Your neighbor hood!

If you know any Investors, Product Partners or Store Owners that would believe Le Natural Mall. Live Better.Shop Local.

Contact US and let's work together for a better today!



Send an email voicing your support to ALL and become a MEMBER +Join Site.

ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE SITE, Please review at Product Partners Page.

Please contact us, We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you,


Sharon Chartrand

From the Former Le Natural Mall was closed.

Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. Incorporated

2563 Langdon Street                                                                                                                        https://lenaturalmall.com

Abbotsford, BC V2T-3L3                                                                                                                  Phone: 604-835-7242

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