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We have Books, Energy, I Ching Systems For Well-Being and Educational Concepts!

One Type of Energy, What you think about comes about. Your thought are the most valuable asset so examine them regularly! Cheers.

We have Books, Energy, I Ching Systems For Well-Being and Educational Concepts &

Quantum Mindset Training―Workplace Culture
Quantum Energy Healer―Life Coach, Rocky Krogfoss

Le Natural Mall. Live better. Shop Local. is proud to present I Ching Systems.
I Ching Systems, Is about Spiritual Well-Being, Global New technology and energy.

Products in the shop to purchase!

1. Family Pack package contains two Perfect Balance Cards.

2. Starter Pack package contains a set of two instruments.

3. Balanced Space Symbol

4. Quiet Place Card

5. Raising Natural Children Book

6. booster Pack Stage 1

7.Professional Booster (II)

8. Alignment Rods

9. It's All About Relationship Book

10. Caught in the Action of Helping

I Ching systems
Ancient Knowldege for the 21st Century

Mary Miller, I Ching Systems Founder

Mary Miller is an internationally known author, speaker and educator. Mary was born and raised in the Boston, MA area and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston State College. She went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW)  from the University of Connecticut. Although now retired from clinical social work, she has many years of experience as a psychotherapist in community mental health centers and in private practice. Ms Miller is also a speaker for Global Information Network.

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HeartMath Institute video The Science of Emotional Energy

The Law Of Attraction Enhanced Workshops- Proof Your Thoughts....
Center of Spiritual Living

Thank you for looking at our meet up page. We look forward to meeting you. We are located in Semiahmoo House in South Surrey, the Centre For Spiritual Living White Rock offers a musical and meditative Sunday Celebration at 10:30 with a thought-provoking and always entertaining lecture from our Spiritual Director, Rev. Terry O Shea, as it's core. We also offer a variety of classes in Spiritual Psychology taught be Rev. T as well as the popular class, Soul Currency. you can follow this link to our webpage

Our Vision:

CSL Whiterock is a welcoming, thriving, dynamic community of spiritual learners committed to raising consciousness and awakening humanity to love and joy

Our Mission:

To be a LEARNING CENTRE for Practical Spirituality

Our Values: … As a Community … as Individuals

Comment, I have attended here three times and each time I really enjoyed it!  Now I was asked to place then in our Mall Welcome 
B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Find a practitioner in your area:

    Learn what people re saying about B.E.S.T.      Watch video's below

    Abraham Hicks - Rampage of Love

    Abraham Hicks ~ Energy shift Rampage

    Abraham Hicks - How To Let Someone Know You Love Them

    Our part we play in consumption of our resources.

    Another type is Natural Resources, is our part we play in consumption of our resources. As gas goes up I believe that cost will drive the value of food high and that will reflect on our resources and the health of the people all around the Globe. This is why I believe we must stand and come together and create a plant where people can have the best of the best in every community all over the world! Le Natural Mall is that vision,  we are a place where all local community can house great products for their family and communities. This will provide the people in these communities with a more productive Life! That is where Live Better. Shop Local. came into my reality, Le Natural Mall is the quality we bring for life.

     Live well, be happy. Sharon


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    Val Biktashev Money song   FUN FUN FUN!

    I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me and Thank You. ♡

    Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. Incorporated

    2563 Langdon Street 

    Abbotsford, BC V2T-3L3

     I Ching Systems.

    I Ching Systems offers a number of products and services. Together we believe that it is possible for all of US to live our lives in a natural, balanced condition.

    After more than a quarter of a century of research and development, I Ching Systems has a technology that, in our opinion, just may change the lives of many.

    Say, Yes for today not tomorrow. Then you will be living in the NOW!

    I have to say I was proud and honored when I Ching Systems said Yes to Le Natural Mall.

    Best regards

    Sharon Chartrand

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    Stress Reduction

    Article written by Rocky Krogfoss

    Rocky Krogfoss, President
    Quantum Mindset Training―Workplace Culture
    Quantum Energy Healer―Life Coach

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    office (604) 510-0721

    Live-Well, Blessings E

    Sharon Chartrand
    The MetaPhysical Secret – Law Of Attraction
    Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Higher Consciousness
    Beautiful Reading from the Holly Bible!

    Song, This is the air I breathe by hillsongs with lyrics.

    Creator gathers all the animals and says: "I want to hide something from humans until they are ready for it – the realization that they create their own reality. "Give it to me I'll fly it to the moon," says the eagle. "No, one day soon they will go there and find it." "How about at the bottom of the ocean?" Asks the salmon. "No, they will find it there too." "I will bury it in the Great Plains, "says the Buffalo. "They will soon dig and find it there." "Put it inside them, "says the wise grandmother mole. "Done, "says the Creator. "It's the last place they will look." Native American parable

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    Global Consciousness Project
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