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We are pleased to announce that True Green Geothermal is expanding under the new, more encompassing, name True Green Energy Services. 

Rest assured that while our founding high standards for geothermal (geoexchange) design and installation will remain the same, we must also respond to the growing demand for providing additional mechanical services to Developers, Builders and Homeowners. By creating a seamless integration of highly skilled trades, we ensure that our projects are completed in a professional and timely manner. 

Our focus on energy efficiency is foremost and our systems work!

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Welcome, Energy Solution Providers, ESP

We are Le Natural Mall  ESPSurgex energy intelligence appointed Us as Reseller for Canada. We believe this is the way off the future ESP Brings support for your systems that solve energy Problems!  Our company Le Natural Mall has now taken on other opportunities, Please watch the video's provided to see How ESP | Surgex energy intelligence can help you to save money and Energy! 


Green Power Protection Solutions

Hydro One "Planned maintenance is more predictable and cost-effective than unplanned, or reactive maintenance" FYPower.org “By employing energy management, a typical office building with 50,000 square feet can reduce operating costs by $40,000 per year”  ASK ME ABOUT ESP’s NEW ENERGY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM!


Conserve and Save Energy

Sustainability initiatives, which include protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and improving energy efficiency are of strategic importance to businesses today. ESP/SurgeX offers a number of solutions that can help you start saving energy today and prepare your organization for connection to future smart grid infrastructure. From our eCommandCenter to our Defender Series, we have a variety of products to help you go green.

Remote Access Control

With ESP/SurgeX energy management solutions, technicians are able to access power anomaly data over the Internet, turn equipment on/off, and resolve power related issues without the need for an onsite service call.

Energy Monitoring

Our latest technology enables users to manage and monitor energy consumption of attached equipment. By monitoring energy consumption at the device, department and enterprise level, users can identify opportunities for energy savings. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the energy consumed by electronic devices that are left on overnight. We can help you manage your energy consumption and reduce your energy footprint.

Energy Management

Monitoring energy data is only the first step. Being able to proactively manage energy consumption is where companies can make a real impact. ESP/SurgeX solutions enable users to:

  • Automate overnight shut down and morning restart to save energy and increase the life of their critical electronic systems
  • Remotely control electronic equipment, turning them off when accidentally left running or monitoring their use to identify problems before the system is jeopardized
  • Provide important data on power anomalies and energy usage that can used to reduce energy consumption, lower environmental impact, and help companies prepare for connection to smart grid infrastructure

For additional information or request a presentation, Please call Sharon Chartrand at 604-835-7242.

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