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I Sharon Chartrand have used both B.E.S.T. Practitioners & Dr Dales products and I highly recommend them for Great Optimal Health!


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Chiropractic Philosophy Seminar: Three Masters Share Secrets to Healing

Dr. Wayne Dyer endorses Dr. Ted Morter and B.E.S.T

Theresa Dale

Heal Your Mind & Body with Natural Medicine

I Sharon Chartrand have used Dr Dales products and I highly recommend her!

Balancing Thyroid Function Without Drugs

By: Theresa Dale Posted in Videos, videos column 2

Hormone Rejuvenation vs Hormone Replacement

Healing with minerals and detoxification


Dr. Dale comes Highly recommended from me and I know her Homeopathic Products Works, at least it worked on me people I know and trust.

I wish you all great health!

Sharon Chartrand

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