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Professional Booster Pack (II)


Advanced Professional Package

This Package is the most complete set of instruments designed especially for health care professionals who might be working with a broad based population with a wide variety of physical and emotional imbalances. The first instrument is called the Super Booster and it is the most Advanced of all ICS products. It is also 5 inch by 5 inch by 10 inches in size. The Super Booster can be held any time you feel out of balance. It can be placed in the waiting room for client prior to a treatment. It is also possible to place a person’s hair sample on top of the Booster to achieve the same effect. Your hair sample is a stable representation of your DNA. This Package is an excellent choice for any health care professional or anyone working with multiple family members in need of balance. In addition, the package includes three Perfect Balance Cards.

The Advanced Package also comes with a Personal Hexagram. This is a 14 by 18 inch Hexagram from the Chinese Book of Changes that is painted and printed on a canvas. The Hexagram and design are a result of a mathematical formula derived from a person’s birth information including the date, time and place. Read more below about this Personal Transformation Program. It is included in this Advanced Professional Package as a personal support system to the owner of this package. Health Care professionals all too often overextend their resources for their clients and have a much higher rate of absorbing the difficulties of others than the average person. This personal package is to help each Health Care professional recover his or her resources and eliminate some of the vulnerabilities that allow this absorption process to happen. Cost $3250

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