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The Personal Transformation Program is about restoring YOU to your most natural, healthy condition – free from coping, adapting and adjusting to life in ways that do not support your well-being. All of us have had to develop adaptation mechanisms to survive within our families and in school. Those protective mechanisms literally form into circuitry that becomes the pathways for our adaptive behaviors. Those circuits are often the basis of our repetitive behavior patterns that bring us nothing but hardship and pain. Rarely does talking in the form of counseling address these electrical systems in the human consciousness nor is talking enough to re-route energy from those protective circuits into your natural personality.

For thirty years we have studied the structure of the human consciousness and developed a technology to address the imbalances that bring us so much distress. Our Personal Transformation Program includes a very powerful meditation instrument called your Personal Hexagram. Your Personal Hexagram (14 by 18 inches) will be yours for life. It is a customized piece of artwork and so much more. You sit in front of your Hexagram, which is both printed and painted on a canvas, for 15 minutes a day, 4 to 5 times a week for 120 days. This instrument is built just for you and will contain your exact Hexagram (a six-line drawing composed of open and closed lines) from the Chinese Book of Changes. This Hexagram comes with a story that describes you in your most natural, healthy condition. These ancient binary math codes are thousands of years old. They can be found in the structure of crystals, your DNA and in the structure of your consciousness, and they hold the keys to our well-being.

Your Hexagram will be imbedded in exactly the right color spectrums to bring balance and unity to your system, allowing imbalances to dissipate as the energies shift away from your adapted personality into the natural, healthy you. Each Hexagram is different and no one but you will benefit from using it. Your Hexagram will come with private consultation time. This may be the Personal Transformation Program you are looking for. It is our opinion that you will find something in yourself that you have been unable to access before now. If this does not happen for you, you may return your customized artwork for a full refund within the first 90 days. CALL 1-508-944-4250 or email marymiller@ichingsystems.info for more information. This may be the best call you have ever made for yourself. Personal Transformation Program $850 or included in Advanced Professional Package.

Disclaimer: These Instruments are for experimental purposes only, and the FDA has not approved/evaluated these tools, resources, recommendations, and/or aids. All products, procedures, and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, and/or cure any disease. None of the products, procedures, and information replaces or substitutes for the advice of a practicing medical doctor. See a qualified practicing MD for any disease or medical condition.

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