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 Home and office security alarm 

  •     $15.95 Per Month monertoring

 Advice Business Etiquette 

Juanita Ecker


Professional Image Management

  •   Conventions tickets $20-$55 per person
   Energy Solution
  •  Electronic Systems Protection, Inc. /
    1 eCommandCenter Technology Overview


    Technology to simplify your workflow!

  • shredders
  • printers 100 different types of printers.
  • copiers
  • educational software
  • Whiteboards 

 Healthy & Well-Being

  •  I Ching Systems. is about Spiritual Well-Being, Global New technology and energy
  •  Health & Dental Plans

    Sharon Chartrand, Financial Educator, Coach, Advisor Contact: 604-835-7242

Quantum Mindset Training―Workplace Culture
Quantum Energy Healer―Life Coach, Rocky Krogfoss

I Ching Systems, Is about Spiritual Well-Being, Global New technology and energy.

Products in the shop to purchase!

1.  Family Pack package contains two Perfect Balance Cards.

2.  Starter Pack package contains a set of two instruments.

3.  Balanced Space Symbol

4.  Quiet Place Card

5.  Raising Natural Children Book

6.  booster Pack Stage 1

7.  Professional Booster (II)

8.  Alignment Rods

9.  It's All About Relationship Book

10. Caught in the Action of Helping

   Insurance Solutions & Investments

Sharon Chartrand, Financial Educator,Coach, Adviser, 

Specializes in DREAM MAPS! 

Contact: 604-835-7242

Anne Langlois

Financial Sales and Service Representative

Dental / Medical Group or Single Plans,

Life Insurance 


Cindy Makonin

If you want to grow rich in all areas of you life, please contact me.

Thank you.


Chris Temple,  Injury Lawyer

Free Consultation 

Conventions & Lectures 

Video Link to Mary Miller: Mental & Emotional Clearing Technology



We welcome, Our Organic and Natural Product Partners

1. Truly Organic Foods 

Raw Superfood Store!

2. Herbs & Health Foods

Taking Care of Your....Naturally.

3. Hankettes products are handmade. Everything offer is eco-friendly, quality Canadian made, fair wage paid, AND good for you & Mother Earth!

4. Conscious Planet Online store

5.  Larson's Herbs & Health

6. The Wellness Shop

7.  Onnink's Blueberry Farm

& more are coming soon

  LNM CONTRCTING & Trades a few of our featured General  Contractors


LNM Contracting offers a full range of construction services working on a wide range of projects in Commercial, Residential, General Contracting Services & Strata Maintenance Services Programs.

Given our diversity, we are able to tackle projects head on as the General Contractor or perform specific scopes of work as a subcontractor. Not only have we built relationships with building owners and managers but with General Contractors who require a higher level of expertise. These relationships have proven beneficial in design-build environments where budget and schedule are critical to the project’s success.

Strengths and features of our services: 

    • Quick problem solvers, we have navigated difficult construction challenges to an unparalleled level of success.
    • Trouble‐free, on time and within budget support on all projects.
    • Vast experience and variety of services allows us to be flexible to meet all the needs of our clients.
    • Locally Owned Bonded, WCB and Insured, we provide reliable services that you can depend upon.
    • We have returning satisfied, happy clients. 

There are many more contractors that are not listed on here, who we call upon when needed. - Sharon Chartrand  

Le Natural Mall is a Featured Business Listing at The Métis Economic Development Corporation and in the MEDC Business Directory Plan February 25 2015.

1. True Green Geothermal is expanding under the new, more encompassing, name True Green Energy Services.

2.  CD Marine & Mobile Services

In business almost 20 years, Government Certified servicing , Technician

4. Gabriel Drufovka - Second year plumber apprentice   (604) 835-7242 

When you hire me, you hire my father and my grandfather! 

My father Drufovka. Tom Plumbing & Gas Inspector Burnaby, Trained by my grandfather Mario Drufovka who has been in the business over 45 years still working at age 80+ is still issued building permits.

5. Kyle Van Egdom

Journeyman Plumber/ Gas Fitter with 11 years experience working at the same job site as Gabriel Drufovka, been refereed by the site supper. 

6. Doug Cass 

ACI Security Systems home and office security alarm installer.  


7. Eddie Hoogstins
Landscaping Over 25 years in the business Using organic and Natural Products!

Education back ground Ripley st Thomas, Myerscough Agriculture  college, Master craftsmen .

Clients and Jobs we have done 

  • Pitt Meadows Airport Nazareth House, Lancaster UK, Hollker Hall, UK , Ministry of Defense UK , Film sets, Roof top patios for Mack Kirk Roofing , Anthropology museum UBC, Stanly Park path & cycle ways


8. Landscaping company.  50 year of experience.

We are geared up to do drainage work digging and grading, retains walls, drives and patios and any other machine and landscaping work you need. we have a bobcat T190 with tracks with a 6 foot 1 yard bucket and forks. Lifting compasity is 3300 pounds. The mini excavator is a D17 john deere with a tooth bucket and a grading bucket. Lifting around 900 pounds. Truck and dump trailer 14,x82"x36" can carry up to 9900lbs. 

Please ask Sharon at Le Natural Mall (604) 835-7242 to Contact us. 

LNM Travel Popular Travel Destinations, Find your home away from home.

Travel: Come and stay at Our LNM Travel, Holiday Vacation Rental Properties.

Vacation Homes have a lot to offer especially for those who wish to have holidays of longer duration, or wish to travel with the family .

We are finding Vacation Rental Properties 

List your Home or  your Rental Property

Providing Free Time and Peace of Mind
Call Anytime 604-835-7242

Locally Owned Bonded, WCB and Insured, Commercial, Residential & General Cleaning.
Reliable service that you can depend on each and every time you need us.
Special Cleanings Scheduled weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly.
LNM Office Team  & On Line / web site development and flyer creation.


LNM Office Team  & On Line
(604) 835 -7242
November 10, 2015

Dear clients,

Information on web site development and flyer creation.
The cost of creating a web site varies depending on how many pages it will be, whether or not it will have an online store, if content will be supplied or if I have to create it.

Usually a site that ranges from 4-6 pages is about $500 and 7 – 12 pages can range from $700 to $1,000. My prices include SEO for the site and setting up of Facebook, Linkedin, Google Business and Twitter if they have not yet been created.

Depending on Domain name price maybe subjected market value. We will do what we can to work and inform you of the latest developments.

For flyers I don’t have any specific designing programs so it’s mostly done in Word then converted to PDF using templates. Depending on what kind of flyer is needed such as one full page, back and front or tri-fold the cost usually runs from $100 - $150 for the creation and sourcing of printing.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards,
Sharon Chartrand

LNM Office Team & On Line
(604) 835-7242.

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